Dr. Brian Cross, President of CrossRoads Scientific, LLC, announced today that he has transferred ownership of the company to Dr. Bernhard Nensel and Mr. Michael Haller. Dr. Cross expressed his pleasure that he was able to transfer the ownership of his business to Dr. Nensel and Mr. Haller who both have over 20 years of experience in X-ray technology and its application in the analytical instruments business. The new owners will continue to operate the business under the name of CrossRoads Scientific, LLC. Dr. Nensel and Mr. Haller are pleased that they were able to obtain long term commitments from both Dr. Cross, as well as the company’s senior software engineer Chris Janko as consultants to the company. Dr. Nensel and Mr. Haller are committed to operating the company in the same spirit, with its commitment to providing outstanding customer service, and to develop new and unique solutions for their customers’ applications.
CrossRoads Scientific is a Global Leader in X-ray Analysis Software for OEM and End Users which can be readily customized for unique applications in XRF and SEM-EDS.
Dr. Cross has over 35 years of experience in software, business & product development, finance, manufacturing, and customer service, as well as marketing and sales.
Dr. Nensel, has over 20 years of experience in developing XRF hardware and software solutions and has worked many years in R&D, last as Director of R&D before starting his own consulting business.
Mr. Haller has over 20 years of experience in XRF and XRD application and product development, X-ray optics, and as recently held a General Management position in the industry before joining CrossRoads Scientific.