Crossroads Scientific LLC now becomes X-Ray Scientific LLC
Crossroads Scientific LLC is changing its name to X-Ray Scientific LLC as part of the process to join forces with Germany’s X-Ray Sensor GmbH to form the XRS-Group of companies. The two companies’ mission is to expand the use of X-Ray Science into new industrial applications. X-Ray Scientific LLC will continue to develop X-Ray analytical software and provide consulting services to our global customer base. X-Ray Sensor GmbH will develop the hardware to create innovative new industrial sensors.

Our services won’t change, but we are excited to provide new products and solutions to our customers.

What we do

At X-Ray Scientific we develop analytical X-Ray software for XRF and SEM-EDS applications. Our software is globally recognized as the industry leader. In addition we provide consulting services ranging from software integration to XRF instrument design.

What we deliver

Experienced Scientists



Quality software

Clean code


Cost effectiveness

Team spirit

Transparency & Integrity

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